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VisionShare Series

Wireless TRUE Performance Collabotation System

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Huddle Room

Standard Meeting Room

Corporate Meeting Room

Interactive Meeting Room

Wireless Touch Solution

All Meeting Room

Small work space and meeting area

Interactive Touch Display Meeting Room

Small to Middle size Meeting Room

Full range of Meeting Room

Interactive Touch Display Meeting Room

Small to large meeting rooms


Compatible / Upgradable / Extendable

VisionShare C10E (WUXGA)

VisionShare C10E, wireless transmitter in USB-C connectivity provide high compatibility to all devices included mobile / tablet / laptop. True plug & play without any installation. Embedded Smart Power System to save power at your own devices and able to use for long hours. C10E is upgradable for any VisionShare models.

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VisionShare C10E Key Features

Vision a professional collaboration solution

Compatible for any devices

Android phone

iPad Pro


Android System

IPadOS System

Windows / macOS  System


support usb-c

SAMSUNG S8/ S9/S10/Note8

HUAWEI Mate10/Pro

HTC U Ultra

LG G5/G6

Microsoft Lumia 950/960 



VisionShare True Plug & Play via USB-C connectivity with software free


New 60GHz Technology

New 60GHz high frequency technology provide the most instant and stability high quality performance.

wireless presentation wuxga

Clear WUXGA image

Native WGXGA (1920x1200P@60Hz) resolution image transmission without any compress; enjoy high-quality videos.

Support Extended Display Mode

Support display Mirroring mode and Extended mode wirelessly.

desktop extended

Power Embedded

Battery embedded is able to present at 3.5 hours; enhance meeting efficiency and solve cabling issue.


Compatible / Upgradable / Extendable

VisionShare PS10

VisionShare PS10, a single power station for wireless transmitter, automatic power charge without learning curve. It’s compatible and extendable for all type of VisionShare transmitter. Magnet attraction design let transmitter get into right position and hook up station by station.

magnetic attraction design

Powerful Magnetic Attraction

No adverse effects by reusing strong magnets,

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Compatible / Upgradable / Extendable

VisionShare C10K (WUXGA)

VisionShare C10K, a combo package included USB-C transmitter and single power station that gives the best extendable package solution. It is compatible for all VisionShare models without any installation. Simply upgrade your meeting room.

wireless transmitter<